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AETHERNAEUM - Releases New 7" Single

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To reduce the waiting time until their next full length album, Aethernaeum are releasing the 7" vinyl single titled Zwischen zwei Welten with two brandnew songs. "Das UrWort" is left from the sessions for the previous album, Naturmystik, but hasn't been released so far. "Blut & Tränen", however, has been written for this single exclusively. Both songs show that the folk black metal band from Berlin (Germany) is able to create shorter songs without being less epic. The release comes along with a mp3 download code and a booklet with the lyrics. In the player below you can give a listen to a short edit of the song "Blut & Tränen". 
Aethernaeum originated in 2013 from Alexander Paul Blake's self titled solo project and released the albums, Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald in 2013 and Naturmystik in 2015 so far. The music of the band was compared with Agalloch, Dornenreich, Empyrium, Moonsorrow and so on. Aethernaeum played live as support for the latest Dornenreich tour in spring 2016 and on festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen, Darktroll or Barther Metal Open Air. Link