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Random album

LOCRIAN - Release New Video

Locrian release the music video for their latest single "An Index Of Air" from the album Infinite Dissolution on Relapse Records. This fantastic track is augmented with a video exhibiting structures rising and falling through geometric shapes, directed by Nick Rosendorf. In their premiere of the video on Magnet Magazine, Locrian explained the concept of the video:
“The video for Locrian’s “An Index of Air” was inspired by 1980s video-game vector graphics—in particular those in the game Tempest. This is conceptually resonant—not via Shakespeare, but through megastorms and disease vectors in a hyper-connected world in which everything is drawn together yet alienated. The twinkling lights of the firmament are not other suns, they are solitary iPhone screens. A net of tiny illuminating things parsecs apart in the void. An aesthetics of kinetic object relations, entropic systems, runaway causal consequences and a surging, unfathomable ecology. Icebergs calving, toilets flushing—ineffable, nonlocal objects with intimate affect. Platonic solids not as idealized forms symbolizing the perfected divine order of the universe but as a churning sorites paradox of contingent ideologies and blinkered false binaries violently colliding and jockeying for dominance. The last meme turds remaining of a once massive pile of gilded shit. Nested geometries as people, as people in groups, as ideas metastasizing through people/groups and as people in people making far too many more people. Bad herd reactions to bad herd problems. We inhabit a world where the weather is no longer the safe and inoffensive nonversation. Now, the already poisonous mercury in a thermometer is imbued with a pressurized and uncanny cataclysmic potential.” Link.