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ASYLUM PYRE - New Album Out This Month, New Video Released

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French female fronted melodic modern metallers Asylum Pyre are about to release their new album, Spirited Away, this month, exactly on 23rd October through Massacre Records. The band continues to develop its melodic metal throughout the entire metal sphere. This new album focuses on the catchiness and power of the songs carried by the versatile voice of Chaos Heidi. Spirited Away deals with the human spirit and its twists and turns, giving another color to Asylum Pyre's atmospheres. The album was recorded and mixed by Didier Chesneau at the MII Recording Studio (Magic Kingdom, Invictus, Headline), and mastered by Bruno Gruel at Elektra Mastering (SepticFlesh, Chaosstar, SUP). The artwork's been created by Mythrid Art (Winterburst, Malmort, Myrkvid). Below you can watch a video clip for the new track "Only Your Soul". Link