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BOLIVIA GOTH - Bolivian Goth Music Compilation For Free Download

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Are you interested in the Bolivian gothic scene? Now you have a chance to discover it as bands and artists from the country in South America prepared a compilation entitled Bolivia Goth Vol. 1 which will be released on 30th May and is already available for free as a digital version through Bandcamp. This is an important album for Bolivian scene because it shows a piece of the gothic music history in Bolivia. The album is divided into three parts: The first part consists of proto - goth bands (Autorev, Ciudad Líquida and Le Vow), the second part is formed by properly named goth bands (Anfisbena, Espuria, Lune de Minuit and Belle Mystère) and the third part consist of dark ambient/neoclassical darkwave projects (Dreams Of Crow, De Profundis, La Sociedad de las Almas Negras, Síndrome and Zoofilia, Necrofilia y Asereth). The authors of the compilation told us: "We think that the bands selected in this album have a particular talent to meet the expectations any goth music lover could have, so we would like to share this record with you and your visitors, the album is for free download with the permission of all artists, it also has a 12 page booklet in full color." The compilation consists of 17 tracks and you can give a listen to the whole thing in the Soundcloud player below. Link