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AUTHOR & PUNISHER - European Live Takeover, Godflesh Cover Streaming

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Master sound manipulator/one-man industrial doom conjuror, Tristan Shone, better known as Author & Punisher, who's wageing his audio war upon Europe for an eight-date live takeover. Shone will rumble the infrastructures of eight venues, starting already two days ago in Hamburg (Germany), alongside Atari Teenage Riot on selected dates. The remaining tour dates are listed below. Additionally, Author & Punisher recently unleashed a cover of Godflesh's "Body Dome Light" off of Shone's favorite Godflesh release, Selfless. The reworked tune appears on Fathers Of Our Flesh, an uncompromising tribute to the heroes of industrial metal featuring eighty-minutes of harsh sounds and devastating perdition with additional Godflesh renditions from OvO, Gnaw, Drugs Of Faith, Eagle Twin and more (more details at this location). Author & Punisher's version of "Body Dome Light" can be heard below. Link

Author & Punisher European tour dates:
29.03.2015 Paradiso - Amsterdam, NL w/ Atari Teenage Riot
30.03.2015 Täubchenthal - Leipzig, DE w/ Atari Teenage Riot
31.03.2015 Schlachthof - Wiesbaden, DE w/ Atari Teenage Riot
02.04.2015 Kleiner Donner - Hamburg, DE
03.04.2015 KB18 - Copenhagen, DK
05.04.2015 Resistanz Festival - Sheffield, UK
09.04.2015 Inkonst - Malmö, SE