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ROTTING CHRIST – Forced To Cancel North American Live Dates

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The Greek melodic black metal ensemble Rotting Christ, who recently streamed a previously unreleased live song (you can check it out over HERE) were forced to cancel the live performances set in USA and Canada. The headliners of the tour under the name Voices In The Dark, Belphegor, cancelled the live dares due to a critical and immediate family emergency, and as Rotting Christ were – alongside Beheaded and Svart Crown – supporting them on the tour, their shows have been canceled as well. Belphegor frontman and guitarist Helmuth Lehner issued a following statement: "After fighting many months now (the last 4 months have been terrible), my mother is at the end. Her body is decaying more and more and will not survive the next weeks (maybe days) or will fall in coma soon. I will not risk being away at this time." Rotting Christ of course support Helmuth's family situation and have also stated their disappointment, as they will not be delivering to the North American fans and promised, they will work really hard on organizing live new dates. Link