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WRONG - New Album Released, Video Clip Online

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Spanish melancholic black metallers Wrong recently released their sophomore album entitled Pessimistic Outcomes via Xtreem Music. This is an impressive black metal act with Phlegeton (Wormed) on vocals and drums. The songs are expansive, atmospheric and sufficiently gritty and poignant enough to warrant your attention throughout. These are songs of desolation and human despair, expressed in a language that's universal. Pessimistic Outcomes was recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Phlegeton and DP Rey between Oct 2013-Jan 2014 at Delta314 Sound Studio (Madrid). Xtreem Music guys have linked this band to ones like Blut Aus Nord, Lunar Aurora, Khold, Craft, Taake and early Satyricon. Below you can watch a video clip for the album title track which was shoot and edited by Delta314 Sound Studio. Link