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DARK TROLL FESTIVAL - Wild “Trolling” On The Schweinsburg

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The organizers of Dark Troll Festival have announced the line-up of bands for the fifth edition of the festival. Festival is starting on the 29th May until 31st of May, located at the “Schweinsburg in Bornstedt" (Sachsen-Anhalt close to Halle/Saale), Germany. More than 20 international acts covering diverse metal genres are invited in order to make this festival a memorable event along with the exceptional surroundings that shouldn’t be missed. Confirmed bands are: Heidevolk, Agrypnie, Falloch, Stormlord, Obscurity, Fjoergyn, Bifröst, Cryptic Forest, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Eden Weint Im Grab, Abrogation, Aethernaeum, Ahnengrab, Buchonia, Caladmor, Celtachor, Craving, Delirium, Firtan, Kultasiipi, Strydegor and Trimonium. And what's very important, you can get all this for just 29,90€. More about the festival at the following link. Link