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COLD INSANITY MUSIC - New, Just Formed Goth Record Label

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Cold Insanity Music is just formed record label by ex AF-music member of staff Marcus Bretschneider. The label has already taken under its wings some very interesting acts like Italian goth rockers Christine Plays Viola, British post-punk band Luxury Stranger, French new wave/post-punk duo Stupid Bitch Reject, Simon York's (Luxury Stranger) solo stuff and French cold wave/post-punk act The B.H.D (The Black Hotel's Doorkeepers).
Here's the statement from the boss of the label Marcus Bretschneider: "Well then, it's time to write something about 2013 as well, eh? It has been a quite great year, so far, met lots of new and old people (again), saw a lot of amazing gigs once more and even thickened some friendships with some great people. My work for af-music became even more successful, until it all crashed in October. Everyone I was talking to since then told me, to keep on my scene work within the goth scene, everyone wanted me to keep on supporting the bands I love and well... I wouldn't let a year end as shitty as "well, I quit the job at the label and now everything sucks"... So I've made the decision, talked to tons of people, worked my ass of, to manage a lot of stuff and there's still some more to manage...
Meanwhile, the work already has payed off, since I was talking to quite a lot people, who told me, I'm on the right way and I've definitely chosen the right decision to do so.
So here's (at least a part) of the result. I proudly present you Cold Insanity Music, my very own label, where bands will be treaten fair, where noone will cheat and where even more support will come around!" Link