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ČERNÁ - Debut Album Out Soon, Teaser Available Online

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USA based solo project Černá, founded in 2011 by Cody McCoy (Traitor, Boreworm, Call It Quits,...) is about to release its debut album entitled Restoring Life through Domestic Genocide Records on 28th May. Černá music is labeled as instrumental post-black metal. Černá is a multi-dimensional audio journey self-described as "a musical expression of the many elements missing in modern music today..." Emotionally stirring by design, Restoring Life offers up a swirling vacuum of layered mysteries and cerebral soundscapes inspired by the ethereal odes of Deftones, Asylum Party, Lantlos and Súl Ad Astral. "Creating instrumental music brings a lot of opportunity to take off in melody with the array of different instruments," notes McCoy. Album teaser is available on YouTube player below. Link