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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Dimmu Borgir -
02. Amorphis -
Queen Of Time
03. Summoning -
With Doom We Come
04. MGT -
Gemini Nyte
05. Soul Dissolution -
06. Crone -
07. Midas Fall -
08. Collapse Of Light -
Each Failing Step
09. Mournful Congregation -
The Incubus Of Karma
10. Auri -


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Latest news

IMPURFEKT - Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary With A Double Compilation Album

Seattle (USA) based one man industrial/ambient/trip-hop act Impurfekt has released a special compilation album titled Year X. This is an anniversary release marking the ten years...


NECROMISHKA - Debut Album Out Now

Necromishka, a dark ambient/industrial/experimental/post-folk duo, released now their debut album entitled The Space Between Us through the Israelian label 999 Cuts.



Werewolf Records in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers will release on 17th August a special split CD by The True Werwolf and Druadan Forest. Comprising two 20-plus-minute tracks...


LO! - New Live Performance Video Released

Sydney (Australia) based post-metal/sludge unit LO! are pleased to unveil the visual accompaniment to "Gods Of Ruin." Captured at a show in Cluj Napoca, Romania...


MADDER MORTEM - New Album Out In September, First Track Available For Streaming

Norwegian female fronted dark alternative/avantgarde metallers Madder Mortem have as promised unveiled the first track from their upcoming album Marrow, which will be released on Dark Essence Records on the 21st September.


RITUAL AESTHETIC - New Video Premiered Online

Denver (USA) based industrial metal band Ritual Aesthetic is reigniting the industrial metal scene with the upcoming release of their awaited, second full-length album, Wound Garden, on 27th July via Cleopatra Records.


FINNR'S CANE - Title Track Of Upcoming Album Available For Streaming

Canadian atmospheric post-black metal band Finnr's Cane have released the title track of their upcoming album Elegy. The album will be released on 20th July via Prophecy Productions.


HATE - Inked A Record Deal With Metal Blade Records

Poland's black/death metal force Hate has inked a deal with Metal Blade Records. Hate have been praised by press and fans alike for years for creating lacerating and dark music...


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In the spotlight


The word of goth music and dark rock in general wouldn't be what it's without the legendary German band Garden Of Delight, a band which is one of the main acts for the development of second wave of gothic rock in the early 90s. Who on this planet that is into goth doesn't know the cult albums like Enki’s Temple, Sargonid Seal or Necromanteion IV, just to name a few? Then, the band which started its path in 1990 called it quits in 2008 and then another gem of dark music emerged in 2010, Merciful Nuns, the only real successor to Garden Of Delight. Even though that Merciful Nuns emerged from the ashes of the legendary Garden Of Delight - most of the similarity ends here. Artaud said: "The intension to split up Garden Of Delight and go on with the Merciful Nuns was to create something darker and deeper as Garden Of Delight ever could do." Merciful Nuns has evolved from leading the resurgence of goth to becoming a unique genre in itself, into something that got a label occult post goth. The three Germans, masterminded by the iconic Artaud Seth, has now just released through Solar Lodge their album number ten, titled Anomaly X, which is also the final album for this exceptional band.


Album of the month - June 2018

Band: Immortal
Album title: Northern Chaos Gods
Release date: 6 July 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Northern Chaos Gods is unrelenting tribute to their past and with this also to all Nordic black metal. It's an ultimate album that is meant to bring black metallers to their knees with this grim, frostbiten and triumphant sounding eight tracks. It sounds epic, throughout aggressive, raw and with similar driving melodic lines as we were used to hear on their masterpieces released back in 90s. With rasping cold icy shrieks right from the northern abyss, trademark melodic thrash metal influenced riffs and well controled diatonic tremolo picks, crushing bass lines and terrific drumming, Immortal are here to agitate listeners down to the bone, and they made it. Beside the constant tumultuous speeding aggression, only here and there interupted by some acoustic passages, there's also present that specific frostbiten atmosphere in all of the tracks. Northern Chaos Gods is pure blackened intensity and even if it relys on the old school Immortal sound, it still is a work of art that deliver a record honouring old virtues yet is in a certain way establishing new standards. This is a majestic comeback for Immortal, a true cult album!

Read a review: Here

Awards 2012 - Preliminary Group 1 - Results!

Results from Preliminary Group 1:

1. Alcest - Les voyages de l'âme                                                 40 votes
2. Anathema - Weather Systems                                                 33 Votes
3. Dead Can Dance - Anastasis                                                    32 votes
4. Swallow The Sun - Emerald Forest And The Blackbird      31 votes
5. L'Âme Immortelle - Momente                                                    5 votes
6. The Cult - Choice Of Weapon                                                     4 votes


Alcest - Les voyages de l'âme: Masterfully executed melodic sonic journey in the pure Alcest vein. This time even more subtle and emotional. Neige is one of the greatest artists when it's about shoegaze within metal and this album just proves this again. Link: Website

Anathema - Weather Systems: Anathema's ninth studio album testifys in a big way about the greatness of this liverpoolians, the greatness of creating emotional powerful ablazeing sounds. Weather Systems is a work of art, like only they can do. Read a review HERE. Link: Website

Dead Can Dance - Anastasis: Sixteen years have passed since their previous album. Dead Can Deace like in their best times. Ambiental vojage across the world in all its greater darkness. One of the most respected acts of dark music. Link: Website

L'Âme Immortelle - Momente: L'Âme Immortelle showed the most mature, most emotional and deep side in their career with this album. Ten tracks, full of amazing atmospheres and great electronic work, combined with special gothic tender glow. Read a review HERE. Link: Website

Swallow The Sun - Emerald Forest And The Blackbird: Swallow The Sun shocked many fans of their past work. This time with much more ambiental, clean approach, but yeah, there is still doom. Anyway, this album is fantasy in doom. Link: Website

The Cult - Choice Of Weapon: Legendary alternative dark rock legends are back. Like in their best times The Cult showed us that they haven't lost any of their charm. On Choice Of Weapon they've combined great powerful rock tunes with timeless ballads. Read a review HERE. Link: Website


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Video of the week

Ritual Aesthetic - The Analog Flesh