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FAUNA TIMBRE - Exclusive Premiere Of The Song "Umbra" From Upcoming EP

Terra Relicta webmagazine is proud to give you an exclusive premiere of Fauna Timbre' new song "Umbra". The song is taken from Fauna Timbre upcoming EP entitled Altering Echoes which will be released on 31st October via Red Orchard Records.

The Norwegian trio on their debut EP, Altering Echoes, which consists of five songs, seeks answers for important questions regarding human relations to the natural world, the shelters we create to keep ourselves locked in, the concept of safety, and what it means to be living in this paradox of absence and presence. The lyrical themes are about mankind's relationship with itself and with nature, and Fauna Timbre, just like any other band cataloging this history of (self) conflict would also produce similarly gloomy music.

Fauna Timbre is making melancholic music with elements taken from doom metal, post-rock and noise rock, the result is a listen that captures from the offset and envelops for the entirety of the listener’s brief journey. Moody bleak atmospheres and captivating melodies are often intertwined with slow noisy dissonant lines. The band lives for duality; they dip in and out of fluttering guitar melodies and rumbling bass, toy with poignant vocal lines and crackling noise, contrast psychedelic synth swirls and forceful doom-laden drumming. The end result is stunning, a true reminder that, as the band state, “there can be beauty in the intimacy of frailty and the struggle in not giving up".

While Altering Echoes is their first release, the members that make up Fauna Timbre are no strangers to making excellent music. Marius Sjøli (vocals, bass, guitar, sound design and keyboards) cut his teeth in the avant-garde black metal outfit Formloff, and in recent years has joined the genre-melding Sculptured. Meanwhile, Petter Dehlie Frydenlund (drums and percussion) brings in his expertise from alt-rockers Oh Yeah Tiger, at times groove-driven, at times laid-back. The Sculptured connection deepens, as Jason Walton (also Khôrada, ex-Agalloch) mastered this record - the result is a crisp, smooth listen where subtly hidden delights come to the fore with attentive listening.

The band will most likely appeal to those of you who like acts such as Katatonia, Anathema, Khôrada, God Is An Astronaut, Opeth, Agalloch, Chelsea Wolfe or even Pink Floyd. The song "Umbra" shows a band playing with listeners emotions in a staggering way, it might be the least gloomy and the most fragile song on the EP, but on the other hand it has so much depth, kind of post-apocalyptic feel and the band is toying with haunting melodies, progy and psychedelic elements with exelency.

The band comments about the song: "The first part of this song was written by Kenneth and Marius on acoustic guitar before it all went a little haywire! It's probably the track on the EP that has the most light in it, it's about coming out on the other side in one piece - or at least maybe 75% whole. Sometimes 75% is enough." Listen to "Umbra" in the player below!

Fauna Timbre are:
Marius Sjøli (vocals, guitar, bass, sound design and keyboards)
Kenneth Aarmo (guitar and bass)
Petter Dehlie Frydenlund (drums and percussion)

Previously unveiled EP opener "Heart Murmurs" can be heard over HERE.
Pre-orders for Altering Echoes can be made at this location.

Fauna Timbre links: Facebook, Bandcamp