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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Aeon Sable
- Aether
02. Amorphis
- Queen Of Time
03. Atrium Carceri
- Codex
04. Dimmu Borgir
- Eonian
05. Behemoth
- I Loved You At Your Darkest
06. The Eternal
- Waiting For The Endless Dawn
07. MGT
- Gemini Nyte
08. Primordial
- Exile Amongst The Ruins
09. Khôrada
- Salt
10. Immortal
- Northern Chaos Gods


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Dark Music Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 06


Preliminary round is over!  Final round starts on Wednesday 3rd February 2016!
Finalists from the Preliminary Group 6 are:

Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud
Kommunity FK - Thee Image & Thee Myth

Enter the finals HERE!

Full results and distribution of votes will be visible when the final round ends, on Wednesday 17th February.

Uncategorized T.V. 4 Years ago
Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 6

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 6

Kommunity FK - Thee Image & Thee Myth
Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud
Dawn Of Oblivion - Phoenix Rising
Myrkur - M
Black Egg - Melencolia
Near Earth Orbit - End Of All Existence
The Devil & The Universe - Benedicere
The vote is already over! It ended on Tuesday, 02.February 2016 (00:00).

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Amorphis - Under The Red Cloud:
Amorphis on their new album sound modern, adventurous, but still very much conscious of their legacy. Under The Red Cloud is maybe the best album this band did in the last ten years. It has it all we should expect from the band of a such caliber, they sound more devoted into what they are doing than ever and the result is highly captivating, melodic, dense, versatile and surprisingly dark sound. [Review]

Black Egg - Melencolia:
Black Egg is back with a new stunning album, after the magnificient debut album Legacy From A Cold World and the fantastic EP Brotherhood. Melencolia is maybe the most minimalistic thing Black Egg did so far, but it offers such a multidimensional sound with many layers and variations that can't be taken just like another minimal dark electro thing, and it's absolutely not. Melencolia is sickness and darkness incarnated, it's beauty and schizophrenia, it's mysterious, melancholic and perverse. [Review]

Dawn Of Oblivion - Phoenix Rising:
Phoenix Rising is a work that leads the listener through many different emotional, dark and mystical states, and thus serves with many musical variations all centered around deep gloomy and atmospheric gothic metal. Even though Dawn Of Oblivion don't discover any new territories soundwise, they carefully blend those typical 90s gothic metal lines, so familiar to the maestros of the genre like are Tiamat and Paradise Lost, with some guitar riffs used by Therion and to make the thing even more audacious and sinister they add a pinch of black metal and doom. [Review]

Kommunity FK - Thee Image & Thee Myth:
The new album by American cult band Kommunity FK holds a vibrant spark missing in so many of today’s modern releases bringing together the beautiful conglomeration of alternative music, post-punk, gothic rock, deathrock, electronic rock, industrial music and Noise. This band, whom is celebrating it’s 35th anniversary this year, continue onward and forward, as if it is the last great original evocative band on Earth.

Myrkur - M:
On M Myrkur offers eleven tracks of haunting ambiances, short tracks with only one that exceeds five minutes in lenght, but each one of those brings forth quite an interesting blend of styles. M is a very dark album in its essence, it shows the savage side of nature which shines in beauty and Myrkur is an observer of all that. M shines from many aspects, it's a well composed album that shows both, the emotional, traditional and savage side of nature lover - Amalie Bruun. [Review]

Near Earth Orbit - End Of All Existence:
Musically End Of All Existence is one of the darkest albums ever released, it's in no way a gothic rock album like somebody could imagine because of both names behind it, neither is some kind of occult dark ambient, "xy" wave album or anything like that, even if the elements of all those genres are all hidden there, but there's much more, it's hardly compared to anything you've heard before. Near Earth Orbit made music that could be described as apocalyptic atmospheric doom goth wave transmission and even this classification can be a totally wrong one. [Review]

The Devil & The Universe - Benedicere:
The Devil & The Universe have evolved into spheres where only absolute darkness is the limit and their musical output is hard to describe, they call it goat wave... Benedicere is an occult drama, an adventure, a refined and accurate ritualistic experience, magick and mayhem, order and chaos, mysticism, a dark cinematic murky masterpiece. [Review]



Check out who are the finalists in other preliminary groups: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, Group 7, Group 8, Group 9, Write In Vote