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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Aeon Sable
- Aether
02. Amorphis
- Queen Of Time
03. Atrium Carceri
- Codex
04. Dimmu Borgir
- Eonian
05. Behemoth
- I Loved You At Your Darkest
06. The Eternal
- Waiting For The Endless Dawn
07. MGT
- Gemini Nyte
08. Primordial
- Exile Amongst The Ruins
09. Khôrada
- Salt
10. Immortal
- Northern Chaos Gods


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Dark Music Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 04


Preliminary round is over!  Final round starts on Wednesday 3rd February 2016!
Finalists from the Preliminary Group 4 are:

Shining - IX/Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends
Still Patient? - Shape Shifters

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Full results and distribution of votes will be visible when the final round ends, on Wednesday 17th February.

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Awards 2015 - Preliminary Group 4

Vote for your favourite album in Preliminary Group 4

Still Patient? - Shape Shifters
Shining - IX/Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends
Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri - Onyx
Swallow The Sun - Songs From The North I, II & III
Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful
Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis
Abysmal Grief - Strange Rites Of Evil
The vote is already over! It ended on Tuesday, 02.February 2016 (00:00).

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Abysmal Grief -  Strange Rites Of Evil:
Abysmal Grief have returned from the grave to bring horror and necromantia! As always their sound is based on simple yet extremely heavy and infectious guitar riffs. The six songs on the album are as captivating as they are vile, as beautiful as they are grim, with the sum of the individual musicians becoming greater than the sum of their parts and creating a sound which is both powerful, dark and unlike any other band.

Apocryphos, Kammarheit, Atrium Carceri - Onyx:
Onyx is an instant classic of the dark ambient genre. The talent of the individual artists throughout cannot be understated, and the mastering work and vision of Simon Heath bringing it all together at the end is possibly the best yet on Cryo Chamber. Onyx is a nonstop pleasure from beginning to end and a must have album for any fan of the dark ambient genre. The dynamics on some tracks and slow progressions on others showcase the breadth of sound arrangements which fit into dark ambient and the ability to blend them all together for one epic release. [Review]

Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestialis:
Instinctus Bestialis is truly a work of art in itself! It keeps the 90s black metal spirit alive, the torch is burning! The riffs kinda reminds of the Twlight Of The Idols album mixed with the Antichrist album and despite this being the 9th album it still rings fresh. Gorgoroth is back to defend the black throne of which they have been leading the past years. Those melancholic tremolo parts, with brutal grinding drumming are there to please everyone. [Review]

Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful:
One of the most anticipated albums in 2015 was of course Nightwish's eighth studio album. All of the Nightwish's primal elements are in there, but what enthuses more is the special blend of diverse almost cinematic moods, variety of vocals, from operatic, to powerful metal ones and spoken words. Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a great album signed by Nightwish, but what else could you expect from one of the most influential metal bands ever? [Review]

Shining - IX/Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends:
When it comes to the Swedish pioneers of depressive undertones in black metal, Shining, a lot of people just think of all the rumors around them, especially about frontman and founder Niklas Kvarforth, and they forget the whole band and the fact they are indeed skillful musicians. IX/Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends is rather short album with only 6 tracks on it, but it's 6 tracks of pure golden music. [Review]

Still Patient? - Shape Shifters:
A band that could be considered as one of the axes around which the second wave of gothic rock was vertebrated in 90s is in full bloom and their return after 14 years of absence showcases a band who instead of merely exhaust the old success formulas or play the lately popular return-of-the-90s-legend game, the Germans have been able to reinvent themselves and remain relevant, mighty and seductive, and all this without losing none of their signature.

Swallow The Sun - Songs From The North I, II & III:
Swallow The Sun returns with a triple album, which offers more than 150 minutes of intense emotions and is an triptych which most certainly appeals not only to those who are already following this band, but most likely to a large spectrum of listener. The words that best describe their music are: gloom, beauty and despair. And this is all about in their new offering. Songs From The North is a massive epic sonic adventure! [Review]



Check out who are the finalists in other preliminary groups: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 5, Group 6, Group 7, Group 8, Group 9, Write In Vote