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Sammii Sinvil - Interview

Interview with: Samantha Rose aka Sammii Sinvil
Conducted by: T.V.

This time something different for you dear readers and followers of Terra Relicta. We bring you an interview, that is not really related to dark music, with a beautiful and one of the most recognizable alternative/horror/gothic/fetish photo models, Samantha Rose, whose artistical name is Sammii Sinvil. Sammii is a very versatile and creative individual that can pull anything and everything off, beside that she seems to be one of those rare "down to earth" girls inside this business. Sammii has gained a big following from the very first year of modeling professionally. Started doing photoshoots at the age of 17 but didn't start modeling professionally until January 2013 in which she was part of a fashion show that month. Sammii Sinvil is still somehow close to music business, beside being in partnership with Harley Mace, best know as a mastermind of gothic/deathrock band Shadow Image, she also did some merch modeling for several bands. If you want to get to know her better, please read this very interesting interview in which Sammii revealed many things...

T.V.: Hi Sammii! I'm very honoured that you've agreed to take your time for the interview on Terra Relicta webmagazine. Can you for starting it please introduce yourself to our readers?
Sammii: Hello! I’m very honored that I was asked to do the interview! My real name is Samantha. I’m 23 years old. Alternative/Horror/Fetish artist. Straight-Edge. Obsessed with the paranormal and cats.
T.V.: Is this your first time that you're answering an interview for a dark music webmagazine? For me it's the first interview with a model...
Sammii: I believe so actually or it’s at least the first webmagazine to do the interview that hasn’t already done so with other models. I feel very special.
T.V.: What the reason that you started being a model in the first place? Is it just because you are aware of how good you look and your great body?
Sammii: I never wanted to be a model in the first place honestly. It’s just something that happened. I loved taking self portraits because it made me feel confident and it was a reason for me to dress up, but I was always told I wasn’t pretty enough to be a model and that I’d have to be tan to be a model, so I also didn’t think that was an option for me.
T.V.: Is there any model out there who inspired you or at least fascinates you?
Sammii: There are some I adore but inspiration wise I’ve always been inspired by things, not so much by people. Things like words, art, horror, lyrics, music, colors, emotions,...
T.V.: Tell me, what is the thing that you enjoy the most about shooting photos?
Sammii: What I’ve always enjoyed about shooting is the creativity and self-expression. I love any form of art but I don’t enjoy the ones without those two things.
T.V.: You worked with many different photographers so far. With who did you like to work the most?
Sammii: Yes, I’ve worked with many incredible photographers with many different styles, so it’s hard to say. Back in Florida I’ve done a large number of amazing shoots with George Hewitson, Greg S. and Anthony Cuebas. Now that I’ve been in California, most of my shoots have been done by Harley Mace and I love that he puts a lot of effort into the ideas, as well he is such a creative and unique individual himself.
T.V.: Not so long ago you started also to shoot nude photos. Do you prefer those over the usual "clothed" ones and how comfortable do you feel while taking the nude ones?
Sammii: I never feel a difference between nude or clothed anymore. It all feels natural to me. After a while of doing it, you become so comfortable and confident with yourself that being nude feels like being fully clothed would.
T.V.: And do you prefer to pose indoors or outdoors. I’ve seen that you did some pretty fantastic outdoor shootings…
Sammii: I prefer outdoors because the scenery is never the same. I feel it’s more creative since after a while indoor/studio shoots start to all look and feel all the same.
T.V.: How much do you try to have the effect on the shooting scene by yourself? Or do you completely trust the photographer?
Sammii: I trust the photographers completely. Afterall it’s not the location that makes the photos, they just add something to it.
T.V.: You also participated on some fashion shows, tell me how was that for you and which fashion designers are your favorite ones?
Sammii: It was back in 2013. I honestly haven’t cared for them since and to tell you the truth it was more drama and stress than anything. Oddly enough, I don’t pay attention to designers and I don’t have any favorites.
T.V.: And have you ever been on any kind of beauty competition? What do you think about competitions like that?
Sammii: I haven’t and don’t stand for that. I don’t believe anyone has the right to judge someone’s appearance and compare them to other people. It’s not right to try to define beauty when it comes in many forms.
T.V.: I can agree on that. Now, from what I know you were working also with some bands and musicians and I'm interested what kind of a collaboration that was. Have you maybe ever acted in any music videos?
Sammii: Those were merch modeling type collaborations, they’d send their merch and I’d do shoots in the merch/promote them in return. I’ve been asked to but haven’t done any acting in music videos.
T.V.: I see, perhaps have you ever acted in a movie? Maybe in an erotic or porn movie and what’s your attitude towards porn industry?
Sammii: No, I haven’t. I don’t really have an attitude towards it. People do what they can or what they like and no one should ever be criticized for that. I personally wouldn’t make my way into that industry but that’s only because it’s not who I am and it’s not a thing for me.
T.V.: There must be a photo or a photo session that you are proud of more than any other. Which one is that and why?
Sammii: It changes with every shoot I do but I’ve been in love with the Black Widow set shot by Harley Mace more than any others. It’s still dark but a more elegant side which isn’t something I’ve done before. The outfit for it was incredible and I felt beautiful wearing it.
T.V.: That one is fantastic! Still, almost all of your photos are somehow dark themed, at least most of them. Are you a dark minded person?
Sammii: I guess you could say that. When you battle things like depression for a long time, you can learn to channel it into what you do and most of the time it’s what I do. It’s why self-expression and creativity are such a big deal to me because it helps me cope.
T.V.: Somewhere I read that you also design clothes by yourself. Is this something that you would like to do in the future?
Sammii: I do and have been working on making some thing for an upcoming shoot actually. It is certainly something I want to do more of.
T.V.: Who's Samantha in her private life? What are the things that enthuse you the most?
Sammii: I’m a very private person. I keep to myself. Never been the partying or getting messed up type and I’d rather be at home with cats than anywhere with people. Things that enthuses me most would be anything paranormal, animals, makeup/body painting, making things/customizing.
T.V.: Ever had any kind of paranormal experience? What are the things that fascinate you the most about paranormal?  
Sammii: Ironically yes, twice. It was something no one could explain. Months after my dad had died, I remember sitting in my room talking to my sister. It was the start of winter in which the house started getting cold. We were freezing and we both said we were cold in which the heater that had never been turned on except for the previous winter randomly turned itself on at that moment. No one else was awake and it was covered. That same thing happened another winter exactly when my grandmother and I said we were cold. What fascinates me about paranormal is the possibility of something else existing. It’s incredible to think about and it’s incredible to witness something that can’t be explained since not many people witness these things especially not the same events.
T.V.: It brings shivers down the spine, doesn't it... I know that you're in a relationship with Harley Mace, who's beside being a photographer also a musician in goth/post-punk/deathrock band Shadow Image. What do you think about his music?
Sammii: I had never listened to much of that style of music before dating him if I’m honest. I really love his music. The lyrics are meaningful and the songs are beautifully written, not to mention how much effort he puts into everything he does with his music.
T.V.: So, what kind of music are you listening to? Is there any band or artists very close to your heart (beside Harley of course)?
Sammii: Lately I’ve not been listening to music much. However when I do listen to something if it’s not Harley’s band Shadow Image, it’s The Cure or Staind.
T.V.: You said that you like horror themes. So, I believe that also horror movies, or am I wrong? Any movie that caught you more than any other in the recent time?
Sammii: I love horror movies. As of lately, I’m not very impressed with them however. The last one I was really impressed by was the first Silent Hill.
T.V.: Yeah, Silent Hill is a great horror flick! But what about TV series, I think that quite some great are right now on programme. Do you follow any?
Sammii: It really is. I don’t watch TV, I stick to Netflix but I do love the shows Bates Motel and Z Nation.
T.V.: Wow, Bates Motel, I'm a huge fan of this series! Quite some of your photos have a strong sexual fetish character. What fascinates you the most about fetish or even BDSM things? Are you a fetishist also in your private life/relations?
Sammii: When it comes to fetish I love the outfits and the idea of being a strong dominant character. I’m fascinated by it because it’s a person I’ve always wanted to be. I'm a bit of a fetishist, but fetish/BDSM is something I wouldn’t mind having in my private life/relations more, it’s just difficult due to a recent illness.
T.V.: Oh shit, I hope it’s nothing serious about the illness you are mentioning and I wish you to get well soon…
Sammii: Unfortunately it is pretty serious and it’s been hard to deal with but thank you, I’m aiming to get better.
T.V.: I'll keep my fingers crossed for that! As you became very popular online, I believe that you have experienced also some harassment. How do you deal with such things?
Sammii: I’ve experienced more harassment than anything. I actually screenshot some of the things and add it to an album to collect them. I honestly think most of them are funny. Some of my favorites are: “Get a life you look like an satanic albino”, “Crawl back in to the Marilyn Manson video u crawled out of”, “Did an eel shock you yet”, “She doesn’t need to be painted to look like a squeletton...Eat!!!”,...
T.V.: That’s hilarious, really. People should get their own lives. Do those kind of comments have any negative impact on you or do you just laugh at them?
Sammii: The comments are from people who don’t know me or anything about me. I don’t let those kind of things get to me. I do laugh at them.
T.V.: Tell me how do you keep your body so well shaped and in such a condition? Do you train a lot?  
Sammii: I have a hard time gaining weight due to anorexia and potentially the autoimmune disease I was just diagnosed with. While I seem to be in good shape, I’m really not and won’t pretend to be. I don’t train but plan to once I start physical therapy.
T.V.: Have you ever tried to play any musical instrument, maybe you’ve been singing, composing music or anything related to this? Maybe writing some lyrics or poetry maybe...
Sammii: I used to play a guitar a little, I used to sing and I used to write lyrics as well, but never wrote any poetry.
T.V.: Is there a song from any band that you can relate with? A song that speaks to you on a personal level more than any other?
Sammii: “Raining Again” by Staind. It reminds me of a familiar battle with depression. How you’re only able to focus on the negative things.
T.V.: Can you reveal to our readers and fans of yours what kind of shootings/photos and endeavours can we expect in the future from you?
Sammii: Without giving too much away, I’m aiming to do more fetish and horror work. These are my main focuses now, but I’ll change it up often as I always do.
T.V.: Where do you see yourself 10 or 20 years from now? What would you like to do in the future?
Sammii: I don’t know, but I’m taking my recovery a day at a time because thinking of the future is overwhelming at this point.
T.V.: I understand you. Before you said that you’re obsessed with cats. How many of them you have and how do they look like?
Sammii: I am very obsessed with them. I had one in Florida before leaving, she is grey/white. Harley has two, a Tabby and a Tuxedo cat.
T.V.: Thank you Samantha for taking your time with my endless questions and believe me that I want to ask you much more things, but,... maybe next time. The last words are all yours!
Sammii: Thank you as well! This was very fun! I will end this off with saying all of the support up until now has been amazing. I appreciate all of the people who’ve taken time out of their day to show support of any kind, all of the amazing photographers I’ve had the chance to work with and the companies I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with and am looking forward to more future projects soon.

Sammii Sinvil links: Official website, Facebook, Deviant Art, Tumblr