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Random album

Human Putrefaction - Interview

Interview with: Blasphemous Whip, Cerberus
Conducted by: Petra Kosmina aka. Samael_Lilith
Translated and edited by: T.V.

The true black metal spirit is hard to be found these days, but one band who's coming from south-western part of Slovenia is devoted to exactly that underground Nordic old-school of the genre. Yet, Human Putrefaction are innovative and authentic musicians, full of sharpness and dark thoughts. All this will be heard in the highly anticipated debut album which should be released in the coming months. I had a meeting with Blasphemous Whip and Cerberus in a place called Krematorij (engl. Crematorium), where their most obscure ideas are born. While having a conversation we couldn't get past the present situation in the black metal genre. I hope that this interview will make you understand what's their point of view on black metal.

Petra: Beside instruments, sound system and cobweb, I see many sybols like crooked crosses, pentagrams,... What else beside the fact that it's more than 25°C in here reminds you so much to the Krematorij (engl. Crematorium), like you named this place?
Blasphemous Whip: Heh,... everything reminds us to crematory, because in fact we are in the boiler room.
Petra: Can you tell us when and how Human Putrefaction was formed?
Blasphemous Whip: The idea was born in 2009. In the very beginning it was meant like a solo-project, but soon I realized that it won't work out this way and I invited for collaboration Cerberus. The first complete line-up was done in November 2009. Then I got the idea to put something special into the black metal we play and invited the second bass player, Lycanthropus, to join the band. He plays distorted bass piccolo.
Petra: And who are the members now?
Blasphemous Whip: Right now the line-up consists of Cerberus, Blasphemous Whip, Lycanthropus and we already rehearse with a new drummer, but I won't reveal much more about him right now. While recording the album, Nakkr and Deadlock took the part, but they are no longer members of Human Putrefaction. As a guest on the album we invited J.D. from Somrak, who recorded some back vocals and a sangt on one song.
Petra: How did you came up with the name Human Putrefaction?
Blasphemous Whip: Human Putrefaction is not a standard black metal name for a band, but I believe that our music is making an excuse for that. It derives from misanthrophy.
Petra: You are quite a new name in the black metal scene. How would you describe your style of black metal?
Blasphemous Whip: This is black metal in our own way, and if you don't understand this then buy yourself a gun and kill yourself with a stone.
Petra: The music you make is very dark, so what brought you that you decided to play this specific genre?
Cerberus: Black metal has its magic.
Blasphemous Whip: Time. Simply black metal!
Petra: And which bands made the biggest impact on you?
Cerberus: Fathers of black metal like Mayhem, Urgehal, Beastcraft, Marduk, Gorgoroth,...
Blasphemous Whip: Hmm,... I don't know if everything is in the bands.
Petra: How many live shows you had so far? Anyone of those left a special mark?
Blasphemous Whip: We had a couple of shows, but I can't point out to any of those as something particular. Each one of the shows was something special for us, like for example the very first one with Serbian group The Stone and also the last one we did right after the recordings of the album in Trainstation Squat in Kranj, it was really bloody there.
Petra: What do you mean with the words that it was really bloody?
Cerberus: Blood is the part of our live ritual, like are the bones, several symbols, iron outfit and everything that belongs in there.
Petra: Is there a lot of interest in Human Putrefaction, regarding the concert and festival organizations?
Blasphemous Whip: Right now we are closed in the Krematorij, because of many different reasons. Like for example is the release of our debut album, working on new material and spiritual growth. Occasionaly we are busy with digging the tunnel to Hades (laughs).        
Petra: So, when can we expect the debut album to be finally released?
Blasphemous Whip: There's no official release date yet. There is still some fuzziness around it, but we hope to have it out until this summer.
Petra: How many songs will we hear on the album?
Blasphemous Whip: It will feature nine tracks, including intro and outro.
Petra: Can you reveal us the title, where have you recorded it and who was the producer?
Blasphemous Whip: the title is also the motto of the band: Anti-Human Nekro Kvlt. It was recorded in Quercus Park Studios, Italy, and the producer was our good friend S.S., who has a really good feeling for black metal. S.S. Hail!
Petra: Can you describe us the process of making this album?
Blasphemous Whip/Cerberus: Torture, torture, torture J.D.

Petra: How much time did you spent recording it?
Blasphemous Whip: The sole recording process went quite fast and we finished it in adequately short time. We started recording the album in the year of Snake and Death, and finished it on Quorthon's (Bathory) birthday. We took more time while mixing it, but everything was finished in August 2013.
Petra: You are hailing from the land of stone, persistent people and with a lot of war history. Is this in any way reflected in the creation of your music?
Cerberus: Maybe,... Indirectly it doesn't influence us, it's just a part of a heritage of our home land, but the album artwork can surprise you.
Petra: So, what about your lyrics?
Cerberus: The lyrics on our debut are about thematics like death, satanism, anti-religion, misantrophy, apocalypse and other negative concepts.
Petra: And what do you think about Christianity?
Blasphemous Whip/Cerberus: (no words, just nodding with head)
Blasphemous Whip: It's hard to answer,... I would like that the entire human species disappears from the face of the planet. This question is somehow absurdly.
Petra: Can you reveal us who's the author of lyrics and who's responsible for music?
Cerberus: Everything is done by the entire group, we don't give any other details. Our lyrics will never be published.
Petra: Is there any message behind the album?
Blasphemous Whip: "Nemo cum diabolo iocatur impune" (English: No one jokes around with the devil and escapes unharmed).
Petra: What's the reason and so severe in the lyrics of yours that it can't be published?
Blasphemous Whip: Whoever will listen to our music will understand its meaning. The rest of the population doesn't need them.
Petra: Is there a thing that you would like to change in the direction that black metal is evolving?
Cerberus: I think that it doesn't go in the right way because it's not made anymore with the right purpose.
Blasphemous Whip: Black metal of today has no soul and meaning like it had it 20 or more years ago.
Petra: What do you think is the reason that out there are not so many bands who rely on the old school of black metal?
Blasphemous Whip: Actually there are a lot of bands, maybe there's even too much of them who stick with the classics of the genre, but they are not able to add that thing which would make them a bit different from the rest.
Cerberus: The true black metal is no more present, because nobody makes it anymore with the right purpose like it was made in the past.
Petra: Would you like to go on a tour with any of better known bands?
Blasphemous Whip: We cling to our own directive.
Petra: Do you think that Human Putrefaction is good enough to attack the foreign countries?
Cerberus: If we are good enough for Slovenia than we are good enough for  foreign countries. The stage is the same in every country.
Petra: Future plans?
Blasphemous Whip/Cerberus: Worship Satan!
Petra: What's your opinion about this interview?
Blasphemous Whip: Too short.
Cerberus: What are you, a psycho?
Petra: Ok, what are your words at the end?
Blasphemous Whip: Kill yourself, so that the end becomes sooner. A.M.S.G.

Human Putrefaction links: Facebook, Reverbnation